Our Board places a great deal of importance on employee engagement, workplace culture and investing in our people. Our people are our competitive advantage; naturally we want fresh and agile teams, built with talented and energised people to drive our inclusive business into 2020. Our staff are at the heart of our business. That’s why we make sure they’re healthy, happy and at the top of their game. We support our people, not only through their professional development and clear career pathways, but their work-life balance; staff health and wellbeing are key to both effectiveness and the success of our businesses. We are thrilled that 99% of staff completed our 2019 annual employee engagement survey – we believe engaged employees are more involved and invested in their roles, which boosts productivity, customer satisfaction and retention. Some 92% take the opportunity to share knowledge with others, 88% have a clear understanding of how their department contributes to the success of the organisation and 97% of our staff are ready and willing to participate in change. All these metrics reinforce that we have the right team in place to drive our business forward.

We embrace the paradox of individuality and Group identity; we encourage all staff to be their authentic selves, to amplify, innovate and challenge themselves in a trusted environment. We have highly engaged and loyal employees, contributing far more than ‘business as usual’; our people help us fulfil our mission.