10.92 total tonnes recycled
ZERO tonnes of waste sent to landfill
100% of non-recyclable waste used to generate energy form waste (EFW)
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GoCo Group remains committed to better understanding our contribution to climate change across our operations and have been working collaboratively with stakeholders to reduce potential impacts. We are accelerating our focus to develop and implement greener initiatives Group-wide, but are only part-way through our journey.

In 2020, we developed our GoGreen strategy; implementing waste-reducing and energy-saving initiatives across our office locations. From passive infrared sensors (PIRs), e-invoicing, video-conferencing between offices to reduce travel and reducing single-use plastic bottles by providing reusable cups and bottles for all staff.

Our environmental policy recognises our responsibility to environmental and sustainable issues beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

We are working cross-departmentally to drive change. Our mission is to create a greener more sustainable world; educating our employees is the first step in this journey.

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All our lights are on passive infrared sensors (PIRs), which ensures that lights are turned off when there is no movement – small, but important steps, to save energy and tackle the impact of our large office spaces. In our London office, we have installed LED lighting which will reduce our energy consumption going forward and this is something we aim to achieve Group-wide.

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We have undertaken a drive on waste, including internal education around recycling and placement of individual recycling containers at all breakout areas. Our goal is to ensure recycling is a seamless part of everyday life.

Zero waste went to landfill in 2019; our general waste suppliers divert 100% of waste away from landfill to generate energy from waste (EFW). EFW is used to generate steam and drive turbines, generating electricity which is then fed into the national grid – an important part of our ambition to reduce wastage and promote green solutions.

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We are proud that throughout our offices, all food waste is sent to compost and not to landfill. This reduces our plastic mix and further energy consumption. In 2019, 10.92 tonnes of waste were recycled using a local recycling charity whose primary focus is to help the environment and improve the well-being of residents in South Wales. The project helps disadvantaged individuals obtain life skills away from mainstream education.

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We are committed to reducing our single use plastic consumption, and are on a mission to become free from single use plastic for our onsite food production in 2020.

All offices have sparkling water taps installed. All staff are given reusable coffee cups and reusable bottles – we are confident this is significantly reducing single-use plastic in our offices.

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We are working alongside our parking provider, to provide staff with electric car charging points, and expect this to be in place in 2021.