Our environment

Our environmental data is produced externally and audited internally; this forms the narrative for our annual Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), a requirement of GoCo Group plc’s UK operations and is disclosed in our annual report. Additionally, the Board are committed to responsibly improving our environmental performance records and we are making our energy use, carbon emissions and energy efficiency actions publicly available here to demonstrate our commitment to improving our environmental programmes.

External environment audits allow us to set objectives, targets and deadlines to reduce our emissions. We use the results to take corrective action and contribute to our continual improvement. Whilst we see a small increase in 2019, we are confident that our environmental programmes are working and the increase is due to increased headcount due to the expediential growth of our AutoSave business.

Our carbon emissions are well below the industry median and yet it is important we continue to find ways to improve; we are on a mission to go above and beyond legal compliance with environmental regulation. In 2020, we offset our 2019 carbon emissions and achieved carbon neutrality. In 2020 we will continue to offset our carbon emissions by planting Welsh woodland, our net positive goals are here to stay as we deliver positive impact against the Paris Agreement and the UN SDGs.