Doing what's right, the GoCo way

Our corporate social responsibility strategy is focused on adding value to the communities in which we live and work. As a long-term sustainable business, we want to do more to maximise the social value that we create. Our culture is based on individual accountability, we encourage our people to support and engage with local activities and charities. From sponsorship of grassroots sports clubs nominated by our people, to volunteering, our business is built on the foundation of giving back and helping those less fortunate. We have a dedicated charity committee, For The Greater Good, which helps coordinate our efforts. In 2019:

  • GoCoGiving donated £1,500 each month to charities chosen by our people
  • Over £45,000 raised for local charities
    • 65+ nationwide and local charities supported

2020 community support so far

We are on a mission to increase our positive societal impact in 2020; underpinned by our commitment to adding value to the communities in which we live and work.

Our STEM ambassadors continue to volunteer at schools and attend events that teach young people the benefits of studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, whilst showcasing tech career opportunities. This hasn’t slowed down during covid-19 lockdown, we have adjusted the way we volunteer and have utilised online opportunities to educate and support our community.

In February, South Wales was hit by exceptional rainfall and river levels during Storm Dennis. Devastating floods across Wales resulted in extreme devastation for our community. 50 volunteers from GoCo Group joined the flood relief support team and joined the clean-up operation offering hands on house clearance. GoCompare provided in-community claims advice and answered insurance questions in local village halls and we offered financial support through skip hire, providing cleaning supplies, protective clothing and other essential goods for families.

In April 2020, GoCo Group plc supported DevicesDotNow, an initiative started by the Good Things Foundation and FutureDotNow. The scheme distributes devices to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities who are without any kind of device or internet access at this time. As a tech business, we felt it was important to support the wider community; keeping people safe and at home, whilst connecting them with loved ones, online healthcare, shopping and education. Read more from Ron who received a DeviceDotNow device.

GoCo Group has supported Cheers NHS with financial donations to provide NHS staff with free meals during COVID-19, a small way to say thank you to our NHS.

We continue to make donations to local health boards of essential items required by Covid-19 patients and staff.

In June 2020, we showed our support for the Black Lives Matter campaign. Our For The Greater Good committee are supporting two national charities and have donated to:

  • Show racism the red card
    The UK’s largest anti-racism charity encourages people from all over the UK to volunteer, fundraise and work with the charity to support their campaign. The majority of the campaign’s work involves delivering educational workshops to young people and adults in schools, workplaces and at events. Show racism the red card provides educational sessions to more than 50,000 individuals per year across England, Wales & Scotland.

  • UK Black Pride
    Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ+ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent. The organisation produces an annual celebration during pride month, which will be virtual this year, as well as a variety of activities throughout the year in and around the UK, which promote and advocate for the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual health and wellbeing of the communities they represent.
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