Employees are at the heart of everything we do at GoCompare, which is why investing in them is of great importance to us.

They’re fundamental in driving the business forward with their unique skills and passion, helping us to differentiate ourselves from our competition, as well as dictating the tone, pace, success and essence of our company.

We aim for our employees, and the way they’re organised, to be a competitive advantage for GoCompare. It’s important that they reflect the population as a whole, so we can garner as many different points of view and experiences as possible, to better understand and serve our customers.

Inclusion and diversity increases creativity, delivers innovation, improves performance and better serves our customers. We firmly believe in the ethos that companies with greater diversity perform better than those that don’t.

Primarily diversity is delivered through inherent traits like gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientations and nationality, but acquired traits including experience and education also need to be considered. Both are important to us to deliver a high-performing organisation.

We have already worked on acquired traits selection - making senior-level appointments which improve diversity from a sector, function and geographic perspective while developing a culture of openness, continuous change and opportunity.