Strategy in action

Flipping fantastic

We’re tackling inertia in the energy market head-on, with the launch of our new automatic switching service which will save people time, money and hassle when it comes to finding, switching to and staying on cheap energy deals – forever.

weflip is powered by our own Energylinx comparison platform, triggering a transfer to a cheaper energy tariff whenever savings of more than £50 per year, after exit fees, can be made.

For now, the service is focused on the domestic energy market, but it could be extended to multiple other verticals.


Savers seek each month

On average over 250,000 people in the UK switch their energy supplier or tariff every month.


Hassle haters

Market surveys conclude 23% of people in the UK remain with their energy supplier because they feel it is too much hassle to change.

*GfK UK Social Research conducted on behalf of Ofgem September 2017

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Everyday discounts

The acquisition of MyVoucherCodes, completed in January 2018, complements our other services and enables us to help people save on the things they want, their discretionary purchases, as well as those that they need.

The acquisition has also enabled us to bring our expertise in discounting and sales promotion, and our industry leading commercial relationships, to power the voucher offerings of some of the UK's largest publishers.

The Sun

80.8 million monthly unique browsers

Part of News UK, The Sun publishes the UK's highest circulating daily newspaper, and its readership is said to account for £1 of every £7 spent on groceries in the UK.

The Express

13 million monthly unique browsers

As part of Reach plc, The Daily Express and Sunday Express reach 321,146 and 280,684 loyal readers respectively.

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Amazing savings

GoCompare has been disrupting the insurance market since 2006. Our goal then, as now, to help people make better informed buying decisions. In short helping people find great deals without the hassle.

We have remained dedicated to our founding principle of helping people choose the most appropriate products rather than just the cheapest. This commitment has led to industry recognition, including us being invited to be the only comparison website member of the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA). We have also integrated independent, third party policy information and customer reviews to give our users the fullest picture possible.


GoCompare car insurance conversion

2018 versus 2017


Saved for customers

Car and home insurance

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The GoFurther Academy is comprised of four key areas: internships, graduate schemes, apprenticeships and work placements and experience. Each area offers the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional while working on real business value-add projects.

The GoFurther Academy was designed to solve an issue that every business faces: how to ensure that we have a continual and sustainable talent stream for the mid to long term future.

Conventional talent pipelining and recruitment methods only go so far and offer limited assurance when factoring in the competition for talent.

We recognised as a Group that if we want to be confident in the skills available to us in the future, we would have to develop it ourselves through a blend of different education and placement opportunities.


identified skill sets

Our core skillsets underpin our business plan
for the mid to long-term future: tech, data
science and digital marketing.


key areas

The GoFurther Academy is comprised of four
key areas; internships, graduate schemes,
apprenticeships and work placements.

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