Working hard to make things easy

We start by identifying a problem, then we throw our ideas, talent and tech capabilities at it. It's hard work making things easy.

The big problem we've been focused on is addressing 'botheration'. How do we encourage people to be more bothered about saving time and money? How do we, through product development, reduce the hassle for them?

Saving time and money can be easy and, dare we say, fun.

  • Our marketing messages focus on the opportunity people have for a wealthier life. We aren't chiding them into action, but showing how easy it can be to save money without sacrificing lots of time or putting in unnecessary effort.
  • We're talking to people where they are, and using data insights to better target them through broadcast, print, outdoor and digital channels.
  • There are billions of pounds to be saved, and people can get their share of this in minutes through the Group's brands.

Product innovation not financial education

  • Many government and industry initiatives have attempted to nudge consumer behaviour towards taking an active interest in financial services and household bills. These have either not worked, or are such long term endeavours that something else is needed to help people now.
  • Examples abound of super-savvy consumers that have enviable control over their budgets, but we believe that it is unrealistic to expect everyone to live up to the standards set by these outliers.
  • Instead, we build products and make improvements to the customer experience that negate the need for such a significant change in people's behaviour. Why become an expert when you can make use of experts? This is Savings as a Service.

Spend wisely, not widely

  • An unfaltering characteristic of our business is our disciplined deployment of capital and our focus on the bottom line.
  • Cash enables us to pay down debt, invest in product developments that we believe will provide us with a long-term competitive advantage, and provide returns to our shareholders.
  • More capital spent on product enhancements and strategic investments equals satisfying projects for our employees, who develop better customer experiences, which lead to more valuable new business for our partners.


  • 133 Average number of product releases per quarter in 2018 (up from 26 per quarter in 2017)
  • +10%APM average revenue per interaction in 2018