Our Group model has evolved in line with a maturing comparison market where more is required to help customers switch. We are focused on building and/or acquiring products, services and brands that help people make a habit of saving time and money – as well as make this a habit on their behalf. At all times we remain committed to pursuing the best customer outcomes, while providing a cost-effective source of quality new business to our partners.

Investment in our focus areas

Strong brands

Leading brands in comparison and discount codes through GoCompare and MyVoucherCodes, and is establishing itself in energy through Energylinx and weflip.

Diverse product areas

From necessary spending like insurance, energy bills and financial services, to discretionary spending on retail and leisure.

Established partnerships

Through our relationships with direct providers and trusted third parties, we are able to offer a wide range of services to our users. We are a significant source of engaged, pre-qualified customers for our partners.

Experienced talent

We are home to people whose experience and drive is second to none. We have engineered processes that allow for maximum productivity, enabling us to punch well above our weight, and flex and scale as needed.

Fintech culture

Across the Group, and our locations, we have adopted a universal approach to culture and work ethic, supported by our common values and shared mission. This enables us to out-think and outpace the competition. 

How our model works

We segment our business into three different areas, Comparison, Rewards and weflip, however, they all share many characteristics and have consistent overarching business models. We use our leading brands to attract consumers to our propositions whereby we enable them to save money, from household essentials to retail and leisure. Our partners benefit from engaged, pre-qualified customers, highly effective acquisition and the additional customer insight we can provide.

Underpinned by employing our unique approach: